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Trees from Mexico. All Paloma Negra products are sourced in Mexico.
Paloma Negra logo

Name: Paloma Negra

Business: Clean Beauty

Location: USA / Sourced from Mexico

Service: Packaging

Client Goal: To create clean and elegant packaging that will help their product stand out amongst other beauty products.

Hang tag packaging for Paloma Negra

Outcome: The packaging and production has been finished. The only thing left is to launch.

Update: As of 2024, Paloma Negra has launched their social media and is close to launch their website with their products. I continue to cheer for them from the sidelines. I couldn't be prouder.

Paloma Negra label packaging on bottles. The design was created by Great Things, Design Collective (specifically Rosa)

I was very appreciative of Rosa's professional and honest delivery of expertise, constructive input, and experience through this project. Rosa was very communicative and timely through the entirety of our multiple contracts and worked well with time-zone differences. Additionally, she was responsive and willing to offer support after one of our contracts had ended. For these reasons I have greatly enjoyed this collaboration and hope to connect with her down the line for future projects! Muchas gracias