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Name: Quazaam's Coffee

Business: Online Coffee Store

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Service: Brand Personality / Brand Strategy and Consultation / Graphic Design (Icon Set, Website Page, Social Media Post)

Client Goal: The initial goal was to help define the brand’s image and story in hopes of creating a brand that resonated with their ethos and attracted the right market. We later went on to make marketing material and start the development of the brand’s presence online.

Outcome: Quazaam’s Coffee CEO gained a new found confidence in the brand and continues to restructure his business to match his new clear vision of the brand.

Update: Quazaam’s Coffee continues to grow, focusing primarily of local community marketing  versus their initial efforts to take on the world. 

Rosa is by far one the most authentic people I've worked with in the digital world. This is new to me so I needed a person with patience and effectiveness at the time and Rosa has both. And she doesn't have any problem showing her clients how to perform some of the things they may need to know to handle certain tasks themselves. Thank you Rosa!

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